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Train the trainer certification|bodhih training solutions in Karnataka in Event Tickets

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Bodhih is an India Leader in corporate training and leadership development. Through scientifically created programs, Bodhih has improved managerial and leadership effectively for more than 500 clients in 20 industry segments and 5 countries. Participants gain hands-on experience of practicing what they learn and are able to internalize the newly learnt competencies. Bodhih understands that an effective training workshop should be clearly beyond just training delivery. Our focus therefore and our promise to individuals is competency development rather than mere knowledge sharing.Bodhih's Public workshops also give participants a chance to evaluate their own abilities and working styles at various levels, understand what they are doing right and what could be improved. Our workshops constantly focuses on helping participants overcome their areas of development while capitalizing on their strengths.


Event Tickets

Event Tickets in Karnataka

For sale Train the trainer certification|bodhih training solutions in Karnataka
Buy and Sell Event Tickets: Train the trainer certification|bodhih training solutions used in Karnataka



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For sale Event Tickets

Train The Trainer Certification|Bodhih Training Solutions
$ 800
Event Tickets

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